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ARTISTAbeles Charles
ENGLISHBorn in Zurich on August 15th, 1903. Arrested in Milan on July 28th, 1940 as a generically suspicious alien, he was deported to Alberobello, together with other Jews. There he enjoyed a system of day release with the help of the Nardone family, who placed a piano at his disposal. In 1941 he converted to Catholicism. On July 13th, 1942 he was transferred to the camp of Ferramonti di Tarsia. After the liberation of the camp by allied troops, Abeles emigrated to the United States, where he was confined again in Fort Ontario (Oswego). Therein Abeles remained until January 1946, when the US Government allowed their immigration in the American territory. Alone (his wife decided not to follow him) and disillusioned (he did not succeed in finding a stable employment as a musician or anything else), to his despite he returned to Vienna in June 1946. He lived with his wife first in Mödling and subsequently in Brunn (both near Vienna) until his death on April 17th, 1987.